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Spray Tanning


Spray Tanning is gaining popularity once again and is available here at Lily Nails. Using LA Tanning solutions, we can achieve the look you want with a natural looking glow and not a hint of orange in sight.

With a natural, even fade off (providing you follow aftercare correctly) your tan will just quietly fade away within 5-7 days. Perfect for an event, before a holiday or just to feel better when the weather is so grey and gloomy! Choose from full body, legs only or face only and there is also an express fast tan that puts you in control of how dark the tan goes according to how long the tan is left to develop. 

Please follow the before and after care advice for the best results and please remember that Spray Tans don't contain SPF, so a separate SPF suncream will still need to be worn if sunbathing.

Before your Tan

*Please make sure that you wax or shave any areas you want at least 48hrs before your tanning session. Doing this too near to your spray tan appointment will leave the follicles and pores open, allowing the tan to settle into them and creating tiny black spots akin to blackheads.

*Please ensure you have exfoliated your whole body 24 hours before your tan. This will aid your tan by giving it an even surface to stick to and it also reduces the amount of dead skin cells which can shed and then make your tan look patchy or make it fade quicker.


*Please do not apply any lotions, perfumes, deodorants or any other moisturisers and creams before your appointment. These will interfere with the chemicals in the tan and will turn your tan and skin green! No make up either for the same reasons.

After your Tan

*Please refrain from taking hot baths/showers/Saunas/Steam Treatments for at least 8 hours

*Perspiration or any other water such as the rain can also cause your tan to develop with blotchy patches so make sure you stay dry!


*Please don't touch or rub your skin when the tan is developing as this will cause areas to be rubbed away and not develop evenly

*Swimming can cause your tan to fade quickly as well due to the chlorine, so please just bear this in mind 


*Please wear loose clothing to and from your appointment and until the tan has fully developed. Any rubbing from tight clothing will cause the tan to develop in a patchy manner as well as causing possible sweaty areas


*Make sure you moisturise well every day with an oil free moisturiser. Any moisturisers containing oils will strip the tan so make sure it's oil free.

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