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Salon Policies

As a small, self employed home based business, I dedicate as much time as possible to my clients, fitting in with my family and personal obligations at the same time. I work late evenings Monday to Friday to be able to accommodate as many people as I can, but also to ensure there is an appointment time to suit everyone.


No shows and last minute cancellations are known to be killing small businesses and so booking fees and cancellation charges are sadly becoming a necessity.

Please read the policies for the salon below.

Booking Fees

Any large bookings of more than 2 treatments at the same appointment, whether individually or by attending as a group, will require a 50% booking fee to secure. This can be paid via bank transfer at the time of booking. This fee will be deducted from your total at the end of your appointment when you have been. However, should you cancel your appointment, (with ANY amount of notice), the booking fee will be retained, as large treatment or large party bookings are rarely able be filled to the same value by someone else.

Should you need to just reschedule your appointment, the booking fee will be carried over, but should I not be able to give you an alternative date within 7 days of the original booking, the fee will be retained and a new fee will need to be paid to secure a new booking.


Please therefore ensure that before booking you have the correct dates, times and treatments in mind, as booking with me means you agree to these terms and conditions.

This fee may be waived in exceptional circumstances at my discretion. 



For smaller, individual bookings, the cancellation policy is as follows;


Should you cancel your appointment with 48hrs or more notice, then no charges will apply.

24hrs notice will result in a 50% charge of your booked treatment price being applied. This will be payable either straight away by bank transfer or cash, or applied as an extra charge to your next appointment, and please note that the hours  are working hours which are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 9pm only. Notice given outside of these times and at weekends won't count. Large party or large treatment bookings have their own policy above and are not included within this particular policy.


No shows or same day Cancellations will result in the full amount of your booked treatment price being applied. This will be payable straight away by bank transfer or cash in person, or applied as an extra charge at your next appointment.

If you are late to your appointment by 15 minutes or more, then your appointment will need to be rescheduled and will count as a same day cancellation and the full charge of your appointment will be required before booking in again. 

Cancellation/non attendance charges may be waived at my discretion in exceptional circumstances.

Please ensure you write your appointment times down or add them to your calendar at the time of booking, and if in any doubt of when your appointment time is, please contact me as soon as possible to avoid charges being applied.

Change of mind on treatments

We can all change our minds, it is our prerogative after all  


However in the hair, nail and beauty industry, a change of mind usually means a reduction in planned treatments, which then also results in a reduction of earnings for us. Most of us are self employed, so if people don't come, or change their minds, we don't earn. 

So in the same manner of a cancellation, 48hrs notice of this will be required, or full payment of what has been originally booked in will be charged. If you do change your mind on the day, that's absolutely fine, but please note that the original booked costs will still apply and again please note that the hours for notice are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 9pm only.

Of course if you want to ADD any treatments on to your original booking, this is totally fine providing I have the time to carry any extra treatments out.

Booking an appointment with me means that you agree to all these terms

Thank you

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