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Waxing FAQ's

I have Varicose Veins. Can I have my legs waxed?

A doctors note will be required due to the veins being so close to the surface of the skin. The pulling of the wax could cause the veins to rupture and possibly cause bleeding

I've just had a spray tan. Can I have waxing done?

Having a spray tan prior to hair removal doesn't stop the treatment from being successful, however as it does tend to have an exfoliating effect by removing the top surface layer of skin, you may be left with patches of your natural skin colour, which obviously wouldn't look very nice. I also use oil before applying wax, which can strip the tan. If you don't want to look patchy, it's probably best to have your spray tan a few days after your waxing instead

I have some sunburn. Can I still be waxed?

If you have sunburn you will need to wait 24-48hrs to allow your skin to recover. The pulling of the wax and skin may hurt, as well as the heat from the wax irritating the burnt skin furthermore.

I booked a bikini wax but my period has just arrived. Do I need to re-arrange?

Waxing during menstruation isn't a problem if you wear tampons. If you wear a towel, then you will need to re-arrange your appointment. Please note however, that the skin does become much more sensitive during menstruation, so you may find you have a lower pain threshold during this time. However, providing you are happy and comfortable to still be waxed, then I am still happy to wax you and will make you feel as comfortable as I can.

I take various medications. Is this ok?

Depending on what medicines you are taking and what they are for, you may still be able to have your treatment. However, a doctors note will be required for certain medical conditions such as Diabetes and if you are on any blood thinning medication. More information on this is given below and if still in doubt, you can give me a call to ask.

I suffer with Eczema and/or Psoriasis. Am I able to be waxed?

The severity of these skin conditions can vary greatly from person to person and if there are any open sores then you will not be able to be waxed at all. In a lot of cases, creams that have a tendency to thin the skin are also used to treat these conditions and therefore a doctors note will be required to give the go ahead for you to have a wax treatment.

I've recently had an operation, but I am fully recovered, Can I still come in?

Scar tissue is very sensitive for many weeks after, even though you may feel you have fully recovered. If the area that you are needing to be waxed is an area with scar tissue, you will need to wait a minimum of 6 months before we can go ahead.

I'm pregnant. Can I still have waxing done?

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy then no, unfortunately you can't be waxed. However, once past this first period, we can go ahead no problem. I will do what I can to ensure your comfort whilst carrying out the treatment.


There are many different ailments, medications and medical conditions that will either require a written consent from your GP or are a definite no to the treatment being carried out. The most common are listed below, however please note that a full consultation will be carried out prior to your appointment and it will be at my discretion as to whether I feel a condition will require further consent from your GP. Please bare this in mind when booking, as your waxing service may not be able to go ahead.

If you have any of the following, you unfortunately won't be able to receive a waxing treatment at all

  • Bacterial Infections such as Impetigo or a Stye
  • Viral infections such as cold sores, warts, conjunctivitis
  • Fungal infections such as Ringworm or Scabies
  • In your first trimester of pregnancy
  • Are undergoing a current round or have recently had chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any other treatment for Cancer
  • Are taking any of the following medications;







(or any other acne medications)

Retin A

Aplha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic etc)


Other medical conditions such as hypertension, heart conditions, phlebitis, epilepsy, severe arthritis to name just a few, will require GP consent.


If you are in remission from a form of Cancer and have been for some time, we may be able to go ahead with a waxing service but a written consent from your GP will be required.


If you have a medical condition that hasn't been listed, then please get in touch prior to booking and I can discuss this further with you.

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