Lily Nails & Beauty Northampton - CND Shellac, Gel II, Madam Glam & Ink London ilac Gel polish
Price List
Express Mini Manicure/Pedicure: 
File & CND Vinylux Polish (block colour only & no cuticle work) £13.00

Standard Polish Manicure/Pedicure:
File, Cuticle Tidy, CND Vinylux Polish and solar oil

£18.00 for Colour,  £20.00 for French

Luxury Polish Manicure/Pedicure: 
File, Cuticle Tidy, Soak (for feet only), Reduction of Hard Skin on Feet if needed using a foot file, Foot scrub for pedicure and Foot/Hand Massage plus CND Polish and solar oil

£25.00 for Colour, £27.00 for French

*Please note it is an additional £10.00 for Shellac or Gel polish instead of Vinylux

Shellac/Gel polish Manicure/Pedicure:
Standard Manicure or Pedicure to include File, Cuticle Tidy, Shellac™  or Gel polish, Hand/Foot Massage and oil.

£25.00 for Colour, £27.00 for French

Gel polish Art & Styles:

Rockstar (glitter), Additives (pigment powders) and Hand Painted Nail Art styles *from £30.00

Nail Art stamping and smaller Nail Art designs *from 50p per nail
Gel polish Removal:
Should you wish to have your Shellac or Gel polish quickly and safely removed without a re-application at the same appointment, a charge of £15.00 will apply and will include a mini manicure/pedicure and application of oil. Removal is free of charge if having a re-application of Gel polish**.

Gel II Skyscraper/Fortify by ilac Smoothing & Strengthening Gels:

A layer of harder gel can be applied under or over your gel polish manicure to give extra strength or to provide extra protection against chipping if you are slightly heavier handed. This is a great option for those who are perhaps switching from acrylic nails to growing their own natural nails, but who are used to the thickness and strength that an acrylic nail gives. Whilst thinner and still not as robust as hard gels or acrylic, it just gives that extra bit of strength that may be required until you get used to having your own nails again.

Please add an additional £5 to the cost of your service if having the gel in addition to gel polish. On it's own, the cost is £25

**Please Note: Removal of a gel product already on your nails done by another technician will incur an additional charge of £5-£10 for me to remove. The final charge will depend on the length of time it takes to remove** 


Lash NV Lash lift - Treatment time approximately 60 minutes - £40
Payment Options:
At the current time I am only available to accept cash or bank transfer at the salon. I do not accept cheques or credit/debit cards.
 **After care advice on all services is available and will be discussed with you at your appointment
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