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Gel II is a revolutionary, new Gel polish made by La Palm Products who are based in the US. It is a 2 step system, requiring no base coat and cures in super fast time in an LED lamp.

As well as a huge selection of beautiful stand alone colours, Gel II also offer a colour changing Reactions range, where the colour changes according to your body temperature. 

This range is a lot of fun and great for those who get bored of the same colour over the course of the 2 or 3 weeks that they have their manicure on for. With a Gel II Reaction manicure, your nails constantly change colour. Glitters, pigments and other nail art can still be applied, and some designs can be hidden beneath one of the colours, to be revealed only as they change. 

GelII my nails Lily Nails & BeautyBook in and give it a try, it's the hottest new trend and I am one of the first in Northamptonshire to bring it in. To watch a video of the Reaction polishes in action, please head to my Facebook page by clicking here

For information on Ink London ilac, please keep scrolling down.

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Ink London ilac

Inklogo ilac gel polish
Ilacpicilac gel polishIn addition to Gel II, another new brand I have recently introduced is Ink London ilac. A UK based company and products. 

This is another 3 step Gel polish similar to CND Shellac. It has an array of really gorgeous colours, all with a really high shine just like Shellac but with the added benefit of being more heavily Gel based, giving more longevity than Shellac. However, despite having more gel in it's formula, it's removal is just as easy and soaks off incredibly well in just 8 minutes.

More and more colours are being added to their overall collection with frequent new releases throughout the year, so whilst it is still relatively small in comparison to the other two brands, they are catching up quick and I already have a good selection of colours in stock.

Madamglam gel polishIn addition to the above, and to give you all the best choice of colours in the region, I now also stock Madam Glam Gel polish. This is a great line and is proving to be extremely popular with my clients. With a great colour selection in already, clients are choosing this brand over all my others at the moment. The longevity of this polish is seeming to be a hit with everyone as well as beautiful colours and a great shine. It's removal is one of the best also, so if time is of great importance to you, this speeds up the removal part of the manicure greatly.

So I now have 4 different brands of UV/LED polishes for clients to choose from, all with their own benefits, colours/hues and with a little experimenting we can find your perfect system and colour. Book an appointment by calling 07522 931540

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